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Skills Development Faciltator

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The purpose of this learning programme is to equip the learner to become competent in the following Occupationally Directed Education Training (ODETDP) interventions,  
15227 Conduct skills development administration in an organisation 4 4
15217 Develop an organizational training and development plan 6 5
15218 Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes 4 6
15232 Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation 6 5
15221 Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues 4 5
  15228 Advice on the establishment and implementation of Quality Management Systems for skills development practices in an organisation   10   5
252041 Promote a learning culture in an organisation 5 5
At the end of the learning programme, the learners will be able to,
  • Identify and prioritise learners learning requirements
  • Plan and organise learning interventions
  • Coordinate learning interventions
  • Review and report on learning interventions.
  • Plan, organise a skills analysis process
  • Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning needed for formal recognition
  • Produce and verify a matrix of outcomes.
  • Identify and interpret quality assurance requirements for skills development practices
  • Collate and store data related to skills development
  • Provide information related to skills development
  • Contribute to the improvement of systems and procedures related to processing skills development data
  • Analyse current and required skills
  • Develop a skills profile and define a skills gap
  • Establish skills priorities
  • Develop a training and development plan.
  • Investigate and analyse the status of the learning culture within the organisation.
  • Develop strategies for the promotion of a learning culture within the organisation.
  • Implement strategies to promote a learning culture.
  • Design of a quality management system for skills development practices
  • Development effective indicators for skills development practices
  • Implement and improve quality management systems for skills development practices.
  • Provide information related to skills development, including relevant legislation, learning and assessment,
  • Advise an organisation concerning the alignment of skills development practices to the information provided
  • Advise on the promotion of skills development.
There is open access to this unit standards. Learners should be able to communicate.
This course does not have any sections.

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