Sales Management Necessity

Sales Management Necessity

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The SAIL Sales workshop focuses on strengthening team self-management skills while developing their confidence and sales effectiveness so that they successfully bring in sales and become top performers in the organisation. The course focuses on developing successful sales habits so that the targeted employees can increase their sales referrals, boost their confidence levels and deliver great customer service every time. Sales course is vital to every business and being prepared is essential for sales success. The better trained an individual is, the better he should be able to perform in the field.

  • Introduction to sales
  • Sales pipeline
  • Handling fear in sales
  • How to make sure you are asking good questions
  • Overcoming sales objectives
  • Learning how to seal the deal
  • The method to change the limiting belief
  • Presentations that Focus on Benefits
  • How to Add Value to a Customer
  • Relationship Building and Trust
  • Accessing and Working with Personality Types
  • Account-Based Selling
  • Selling a Service
  • Passion
  • How to be Creative and Analytical
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Why your Customers Buy
  • How to get an Appointment
  • Follow-up on the Phone
  • Voice Mail, Screener and Gatekeepers
  • How to Build a Telephone Relationship
  • How to Deal with Telephone Stress
  • Closing that is Automatic

WHO SHOULD ATTEND Marketing personnel; Sales personnel and Business developer

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