Municipal Public Account Committee (MPAC)

Municipal Public Account Committee (MPAC)

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According to MFMA circular no 32 of Municipal Finance Management Act no. 56 of 2003 “Council is vested with the responsibility to oversee the performance of their respective municipality as required by the Constitution, the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) and Municipal Systems Act (MSA). This oversight responsibility of council is particularly important for the process of considering annual reports. The MFMA and MSA recognise that council has a critical role to play to ensure better performance by municipal departments and entities.

• Illustrate the inter-relationships between and within the three spheres of government and other stakeholders.
• Analyse the concepts and principles of oversight and accountability.
• Explain issues of ethics in the context of implementing oversight processes.
• Communicate with all stakeholders to enhance effective oversight.
• Evaluate issues of service delivery in the context of implementing oversight processes.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the legislative framework pertaining to oversight and accountability.
• Demonstrate an understanding of reports as an oversight tool.
• Gather information and data and analyse reports.

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