MS Word Module

MS Word Module

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This Learning programme is intended for people who need to use advanced formatting to documents using a GUI-based word processor either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge. The learning programme is packaged to accommodate learners from basic to advanced level.

Basic US 117924 (NQF L2, 5 Credits)
  • Work with multiple documents.
  • Format text.
  • Format paragraphs.
  • Format pages.
  • Format a document.
  • Templates are used and created.

  Intermediate US 119078 and 116942 (NQF L3, 8 Credits)
  • Create and edit a table.
  • Format a table according to given requirements.
  • Create and edit columns in a document.
  • Format columns in a document.
  • Describe the uses of merged documents.
  • Create a merged document.

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