MS Outlook Productivity

MS Outlook Productivity

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Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive tool that enables employees to manage their email, calendar, contacts, tasks and more all in one place. Info Microsoft Outlook can be used to manage email, but over and above Outlook also includes tools to help manage schedule, tasks, contacts, and notes. One of the major advantages to using Outlook is its integrated tool set, yet many people are not aware of all of Outlook's capabilities.
  Whether you are interested in the basics of sending/receiving mail or want to figure out how to create filters and/or rules to help you automatically organise your email, Outlook is all you need.

  • Know what is happening in outlook
  • Keep yourself current
  • Find what you need in outlook faster
  • Solve tasks and time management using outlook
  • Manage contacts
  • Manage calendar effectively
  • Know how to manage time using task management
  • Create Folders and use folders
  • Work with Rules
  • Work with to do and notes
  • Manage meeting
  • Create and organize contacts
All personnel who makes use of MS outlook to plan and manage their schedule and activities.
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