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MS Excel Module

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In today's workplace, Microsoft Excel is the actual tool for working with data on the desktop. Knowing how to leverage Excel will enable employees to simplify complex tasks essential to daily work responsibilities. In this course, learners will gain the skills needed to create Excel worksheets, develop formulas and apply sophisticated formatting to capture and present data.

Basic US ID: 116937 (NQF L2, 4 Credits)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of spreadsheets.
  • Create, open and save spreadsheets.
  • Produce a spreadsheet from a given specification.
  • Edit a spreadsheet.
  • Format a spreadsheet.
  • Check spelling in a spreadsheet.
  • Print a spreadsheet using features specific to spreadsheets

  Intermediate US ID 116940 (NQF L3, 6 Credits)
  • Prepare and produce a spreadsheet to provide a solution to a given problem.
  • Adjust settings to customise the view and preferences of the spreadsheet application.
  • Work with multiple worksheets.
  • Apply formulae to worksheets to provide alternative solutions to a problem.
  • Apply simple built-in functions of the spreadsheet application to the given problem.
  • Apply formatting to a spreadsheet applicable to the given problem.
  • Use special effects to improve the presentation of the spreadsheet.
  • Evaluate a spreadsheet.

  Advanced US ID: 116943 (NQF L4, 3 Credits)
  • Create and edit a graph/chart.
  • Load data from an external data source to produce a given spreadsheet result.
  • Insert and edit objects in a spreadsheet.

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