Data Analysis









This course will allow one to master data analysis skills that will equip one to confidently make strategic business decisions.

Data analysis is a technical tool that will help a learner to become an indispensable member in their team. It will help identify necessary information, data and patterns and neatly present information in a business setting as well as provide support for strategic business decisions to increase productivity. This programme is designed as a foundational knowledge of what data analytics is, alongside the basic skills and expertise to apply analytical insights when making critical and strategic business decisions. 


  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the role and value of data analytics and business intelligence in managing a business
  • Evaluate and employ appropriate hardware and software to support business decision-making
  • Identify, examine and implement appropriate data analysis techniques to achieve relevant results informing a specific business decision
  • Prepare and develop visual interpretations of data analysis results, such as infographics and dashboards, to support data-driven decision-making
  • Evaluate and select the appropriate data analytic tool(s) to perform data analysis based on the requirements for a specific business challenge/need
  • Present and make informed data-driven business decisions utilising the information discovered by the data analysis and data visualisation performed


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