Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching

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Effective mentoring and coaching skills are the drivers of any successful workplace training and development programme. In today’s workplace, these essential skills contribute to building stronger organisations that are equipped with resources to strive for work performance and enhanced job skills. Occupationally directed education, training and development (ODETD) is an essential organisational practice that advocates a learning culture centered on developing people from the inside out.
On completion of this learning programme, learners will be able to:
  • Describing the characteristics of a good mentor.
  • Explaining the importance of knowledge in mentoring.
  • Applying the skills and techniques required of a mentor
  • Orientating a learner into the application of their skills within a workplace context.
  • Guiding learners towards competent application of their skills within a workplace context.
  • Assessing learner performance in the workplace context.
  • Reviewing facilitation processes in the workplace context
Communication and Mathematical literacy at L4
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