Basic Computer Programme

Basic Computer Programme

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This Learning programme is intended for people who need to learn basic computer skills to equip themselves with the required knowledge needed by the industry.

MS Word US 117924 • Work with multiple documents.
• Format text.
• Format paragraphs.
• Format pages.
• Format a document.
• Create templates and use them.

MS Excel US 116937
• Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of spreadsheets.
• Create, open and save spreadsheets.
• Produce a spreadsheet from a given specification.
• Edit a spreadsheet.
• Format a spreadsheet.
• Check spelling in a spreadsheet.
• Print a spreadsheet using features specific to spreadsheets.

MS Outlook US 116945
• Explain legal, ethical and organisational issues in relation to the use of E-mail.
• Work with multiple E-mail messages.
• Manage E-mail messages.
• Use the address book facilities of an electronic mail application.
• Understand the concepts and terms of electronic messaging.
• Create and send an E-mail message.
• Receive and respond to e-mails.

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