Why enrol with SAIL?

The Southern African Institute of Learning (SAIL) is a leading education, training and development organisation that designs innovative learning solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace. We understand the diverse needs of our clients and will provide holistic and revolutionary learning solutions for professional growth.   In our effort to enhance the learning experience, we offer SMART learning solutions for a customised learning path:


We offer innovative, significant growth orientated learning approaches that meet your online and offline training needs. We offer SMART learning solutions for a customised learning path


Accredited with over 7 SETAS, Our study programmes are recognised and registered with the National Qualifications Framework, which is an integrated lifelong repository of learner achievements.


We offer customized learner paths to accommodate your professional requirements and ensure that the learners are motivated and equipped with the requisite skills to benefit any workplace.


We have subject matter experts that align the required learning programmes to the most current regulatory, legislative and industry trends in order to offer real-world application of the learning material.


We offer tailor-made programmes and courses to ensure the learners are able to quickly achieve the required knowledge and skills to make rapid positive changes in the economy and workplace


We also offer E-Learning which will meet online and offline training needs. Our E-Learning tool’s functionality will help learners to overcome limitations and challenges of data dependency.

Ms Vimala Ariyan

Founder & Managing Director

Ms Vimala Ariyan, the founder and managing director of SAIL, is a seasoned educationalist and has been pioneering interactive and innovative training and development in South Africa.  Vimala Ariyan is a lateral, out-of-the-box thinker and strategist, whose expertise not only helps the team at SAIL understand the workplace training and education policy, but also design training programs that are innovative and in line with organisational goals. Ms Vimala Ariyan is highly qualified and holds a Bachelor and Honours degrees in education from the University of KwaZulu Natal and UNISA.

Ms Ariyan’s pioneering efforts and breakthroughs in the field of education, training and development have not gone unnoticed: she has been chosen as one of the highly acclaimed Ernst and Young Winning Women Entrepreneurs in 2016 and was invited to represent woman owned businesses globally at the Global Citizen Festival in New York in 2017. Ms Ariyan is a 100% shareholder in the business and intends to constitute her board of directors by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018. 

Our Vision

To be an innovative and solutions centric training partner that builds lifelong learning solutions globally.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being innovative, efficient, dependable and always working with integrity.
We matter to those that require occupational learning solutions to develop themselves and progress within organisations.
We are responsible to all who want to progress, learn and develop their expertise within the workplace.
- We shape experts, game changers and influencers.

Our Mission

To provide innovative solutions that accelerate productivity and efficiency in the

Our Services

SAIL offers a range of qualifications, short courses and workshops across different industries and sectors. All training is delivered using the outcomes-based methodology which ensures that learners who successfully complete their training are awarded with lifelong credits on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

SAIL not only offers a comprehensive portfolio of qualifications and short courses, we now offer a stand-alone e-Portfolio (POE) & Assessment Tracking Tool. The e-Portfolio is a competency-based assessment and learning tracking tool, with supporting Portfolios of Evidence that enables learners to submit their POE’s online for effective assessment, moderation, management and reporting for Learning Programmes, On-Job-Coaching sessions, Learnerships, RPL and Skills Programmes.

At SAIL, we believe that a trained workface not only improves work productivity but also improves employee morale. Our consultation services are tailor-made and designed to assist human resource departments, skills development facilitators and procurement teams by upskilling your workforce while at the same time ensuring compliance with BEE and the Department of Labour. Not only do we make sure workplace skills plans are met, but we also assist in assessing, developing and maintaining employee satisfaction.

As part of our SMART learning solutions, we also offer E-Learning which will meet online and offline training needs. Offline learning means that learners will be able to gain access to course material without internet connectivity. Learners will be able to download the E-Learning content using the internet, thereafter complete the training at their convenience and ease. The E-Learning tool’s functionality will help learners everywhere to overcome limitations and challenges of data dependency.

The benefits include:

  • Accessible
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to retain with interactive infographic summaries
  • Ability to learn from anywhere
  • Flexible
  • Quick lesson delivery

We have developed the Business Evolve Accelerator Programme, which is designed to provide small to medium businesses with best practices that have been tried and tested in the entrepreneurial space and have been proven successful in the establishment and scaling of businesses.  The programme gives corporate companies an edge when implementing Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programmes.

More punch. Less effort.

Our Blended Learning is a method of training that integrates technology and digital media with traditional facilitator lead classroom activities. This allows learners to be more flexible to customise their learning experiences, getting them the same results with an integrated learning approach.

  • Face-to-face
  • Online learning
  • Gamification
  • Videos

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The Southern African Institute of Learning is your go-to training company for accredited training and development. Call SAIL on 011 028 0270 / 082 540 9285 for more information, or click on the button to send us a message.