Why enrol with SAIL?

At SAIL we pride ourselves in offering our students the experience of ground-breaking learning and training programmes designed by qualified industry experts.


Workplace Learners * Matriculants * Unemployed * Communities


SAIL's student body consists of a diverse range of learners, with diverse learning needs.


Highly qualified, skilled, experienced and motivated.


SAIL is accredited with several SETAs and other relevant educational boards


Full Qualifications * E-Learning * Short Courses * Workshops and Seminars


LEVEL 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor.

Ms Vimala Ariyan

Managing Director

Ms Vimala Ariyan is a seasoned educationalist and has been pioneering activity based training and development in South Africa. Ms Vimala Ariyan has also worked at the management level for SAQA and a few SETAs for several years, which allows her to understand the quality of education, training and development you and your organisation are looking for.

Ms Vimala Ariyan is a lateral, out-of-the-box thinker and strategist, whose expertise not only helps the team at SAIL understand your workplace training and education policy, but also design training programs that are innovative and in line with your organisational goals. Ms Vimala Ariyan is highly qualified and holds Bachelor and Honours degrees in Education from the University of Durban-Westville (now, UKZN), and a post-graduate Higher Education Diploma from UNISA.

Ms Vimala Ariyan’s pioneering efforts and breakthroughs in the field of education, training and development have not gone unnoticed: she has been chosen as one of the highly acclaimed Ernst and Young Winning Women Entrepreneurs.


Our classes include learners from different sectors, industries, socio-economic, language, cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientation and ability groups. These learners come to us with very diverse learning needs.

We have an important responsibility in making sure that all learners feel included and affirmed in the classroom.

This includes us modifying, changing, adapting, extending, and varying SAIL training methodologies, assessment strategies and the content of the programmes to ensure benefit to each and every target group.


Partnership: We love our clients and they love us. Our clients build long-term partnerships with SAIL.

Dependability: We are there when you need us most.

Innovation: We set new training standards. Learners love the unique content and engaging experience that we design.

Results Driven: We ensure that learning makes a difference.

Value: We know learning and we are efficient.


We attract, employ, develop, reward and retain skilled staff of high repute, as we believe that it is they who make SAIL an institute of choice.


Our offerings are reviewed after every training intervention to ensure that content and training methodology is updated and quality maintained.


We monitor and review our systems annually to enhance delivery, decision making, accountability, productivity and consistency.

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