The Importance of Change Management

change management

What is change management? Change Management is the process of finding out the purpose of the change and then implementing the desired change within the context of an organisation. Change management is broken up into different steps and phases and when these steps are followed or adapted to suit the organisation undergoing a change programme – sustainable change is achievable.

At SAIL, we understand that going through a change means different things to different people, which is why, our short course on Change Management is something you need to look at. Change need not be complex; however, obstacles need to be identified, resistance from people for whom the change effects, needs to be planned for and processes and organisational levels or units managed. Change can be brought on by two underlying reason, once the change is decided through internal aspects within the organisation and two external factors such as political or economic influences of the specific country that the organisation resides in.

SAIL’s Change Management Programme is modular based and it takes the learner through a four-phase process whereby they will learn entry level concepts of change management concepts and models which will equip him or her with the necessary skills, knowledge and practicalities in order to apply change management principles within the workplace. Each module contains underpinning essentially embedded knowledge and the learner gains useful insight into potential change management risks and problems and how to solve and manage such problems.

By the end of this short course, you will be able to:

  • Explain why change management is an important process for organisations to achieve sustainable trading results
  • Identify examples of planned change and reactive change in an organisation
  • Describe a model for effective change management and its management
  • Identify reasons for resistance to change and indicate ways to overcome them
  • Identify the risks inherent in any change management programme and indicate ways to manage them
  • Identify and apply the competencies of an effective change agent


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