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Diversity Management

The business development team at SAIL conducts regular market research to determine which topics or training requirements are trending. The current political environment in South Africa demands for employees in both the public sector and private sector be trained in diversity management.

SAIL offers an accredited and Unit Standard aligned training intervention in diversity management, which can also be converted into a workshop, conference, seminar/webinar.

Why do you need training in diversity management?

South Africa is a mix of widely different and diverse cultures, and organisations require robust and effective diversity management. Corporates and SMMEs are also known for hiring qualified and skilled foreign nationals, who add their diversity to the skills pool Foreign employees who visit or work in South Africa need to be made aware of local cultures, and their significance in the workplace to promote a healthy and diverse working environment.

What can SAIL do for you?

SAIL offers you a practical training programme on Diversity Management, which will include content on culture sensitisation. The programme will focus on maximising the potential diversity in the workplace by helping individuals read culturally important signals. The training programme will be aligned to national standards registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to ensure that the workshop programme the outcomes that the organisation aims to achieve.

SAIL’s training on Diversity Management will enable employees and individuals to respond to workplace diversity with openness and trust. Moreover, cultural sensitisation will help employees to locate themselves within a diverse environment and thereby increase the your organisation’s competitiveness in the market.

Employees will also be able to demonstrate an understanding of diversity among South African people and in particular in a specific workforce, an appreciation of the role and positive impact of such diversity, and how best to manage a diverse workforce in South Africa. Get in touch with us for more information.

Post Training Support

SAIL, if required, will provide post training support to all learners. The aim of post training support is to follow-up on the retention of learning and to assess changes in productivity. SAIL will conduct post training support in two ways.

Facilitator Reviews

SAIL Facilitator will touch base and follow-up with all learners/employees to determine whether the learners were applying concepts covered in the training programme, on their jobs. This follow-up support will also help SAIL understand if further support is required and in what way it can be delivered.

Job Aids
All learners/employees will be provided with job aids they can take away with them. These may include action plans, checklists, infographics, videos, interactive PDFs, eBooks, FAQs and flowcharts.


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