Scenario Based Learning At SAIL

Scenario based learning

Getting your learners into action is something that can help them learn from an experience. At SAIL, we design training interventions that not only take into account training needs but also learning styles, which is why our programmes include various inter-activities such as scenario-based learning and role plays.

When you sign-up with SAIL for any training, we ensure that learning is designed and delivered to meet the needs of your learners. To ensure that we meet this objective, we adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Learning delivery is planned to encourage learner
  • Participation through structured facilitation sessions
  • Learner support and guidance are given to learners by means of assessor support and mentors.
  • Learners are given regular and on-going feedback regarding their progress.
  • The training schedule is structured to allow sufficient time for POE compilation between facilitation and formative activities.

Our methodology is benchmarked against industry best practice and SETA guidelines. Learning experiences include a variety of methods, approaches and options that enable learners with different learning styles to achieve a greater success rate.  Learners are provided with clear learning outcomes for each outcome.

In addition to imparting theoretical knowledge, this workshop will also aim to engage with the target audience through interactive sessions. All learners/employees can look forward to experiential learning that is relevant, and which accommodates different learning styles. The programme will include:

Scenario Based Learning

Learners are provided with an almost real world environment, whether online or in the classroom, to enhance retention of learning. Scenario based learning allows you as an organisation or facilitator to trust your learners to handle simple to complex situation, hence promoting participation, collaboration and learning.

Role Plays

A role-play is a critical to any training programme as it helps learners engage with each other in realistic situations. Learners will be able to understand how to develop strategies and build on their experience in a managed way and in a supported environment. Role plays provide significant learning through the experience gained and the understanding developed.

Case Studies

SAIL understands the psyche of an international staff and that they learn better from example than from explanation of processes. Case studies will be used to develop problem solving skills, coping with vagueness, and decision making in complex situations.

Formative Group Activities

Working in groups and pairs is essential for sales professionals and SAIL’s team facilitates group discussions, presentations, think pair share activities and more, to aid in the retention of learning.


If you wish to discuss any of our training strategies or need to find out more information, our team of learning and development experts are more than happy to help. For more information, give us a call on +27 (011) 028 0270 or sending an email to


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