We support you!

We support you

Are you wary of learning? Have you suffered through training programmes and training providers that don’t offer you the support you require to achieve competency? At SAIL, we understand the challenges you face as a learner and as a training team, which is why, we offer you all round support, whether technical or on the subject matter of your course.

When you enrol with SAIL for any course, no matter a full qualification, a workshop, or a short course, you will receive all the support you need. We provide you with detailed learner manuals, and other resources, that aid in the understanding of the subject of your choice, and in compiling your Portfolio of Evidence.

Our qualified team of subject matter experts, and facilitators are always available to answer your questions and organise sessions that help clear your doubts. We offer full support to our distance learners, to ensure they are on par with industry standards within the sector of their organisation. We offer high-quality, unparalleled services to both public and private sector. Whether you need someone to manage your training logistics, or implement a training programme from start to finish, we are your dream team.

Our team of training administrators provide you all the support you require when it comes to compiling your documents for submission at the respective SETA. In addition to this, we also organise for moderation and verification of your PoEs at no cost to you.

If you’re facing a challenge in terms of retention of learning, contact our Learning and Development team. Our team of experts have the skills to analyse your specific training requirements and suggest an intervention that not only meets your training needs, but which is also in line with your organisational goals.

To find out how we can support your training teams, or your training provides, get in touch with us today. We are easy to get hold of – Give us a call on +27 (011) 028 0270 or send an email to info@sail-edu.net


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