ICT Skills for All

ICT Skills through Digital Skills Passport

SAIL is partnering with The Digital Skills Foundationwith the objective of providing ICT Skills for all. SAIL is currently the sole distributor of the Digital Skills Passport, which consists of a 100-hours of online learning split into 10 modules of nearly 10 hours each.


ICT Skills with The Digital Skills Passport

The deployment of Digital Skills Passport takes into account the different learning styles and learning times of individuals, which is key to effective training, especially ICT skills.


The modules cover:

  • Module 1 is Computing Fundamentals, which covers the fundamental knowledge required to confidently use a computer in the home or workplace.


  • Module 2 is Desktop Computing that operating systems, managing files and folders, using windows, using common file types, data compression, storage and searching, print, security and document management.


  • Module 3 is Word Processing and provides the learner with the full ranges of skills to produce professional level documents through the use of word processing applications.


  • Module 4 is Presentations, which helps learners design and deliver professional presentations, using the latest software applications.


  • Module 5 is Databases, which is central to the efficient management of data in the modern business.


  • Module 6 covers Spreadsheets that allows students to demonstrate an ability to use spreadsheets to produce accurate work outputs.


  • Module 7 is Online I.T. Skills and gives the learner a full understanding of the using the web, browsing and searching for information securely and effectively


  • Module 8 covers I.T. Security and ensures learners will have the knowledge to be safe and secure when operating on the web and in computer networks.


  • Module 9 is Workplace Productivity, which helps you to understand the role of ICT in the modern workplace and the impact of technology on improving productivity.


  • Module 10 covers Social Media in the Workplace and shows how you can use social media channels positively, safely and effectively.


For more information on how to improve your ICT skills, download the module descriptor or get in touch with us by calling on +27 (011) 028 0270 or send an email to info@sail-edu.net


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