Portfolio of Evidence

Portfolio of Evidence

In any outcomes based learning programme, submitting a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is the key to achieving competency. At SAIL, all our learners are required to submit a PoE for assessment, which would be assessed by a qualified assessor and marked for competency. If a PoE is deemed satisfactory after going through assessment, moderation and verification, the learner receives an accredited certificate of competency.

A PoE is divided into two types of assessments – formative and summative.

Formative Assessment

To prove that learners have retained their content, they are required to answer a set of knowledge check questions. These can range from simple true or false statements to case studies. Other forms of knowledge checks found in the formative assessment section of a PoE are multiple choice questions and essays.

Summative Assessment

This type of assessment is what helps SETA accredited assessors understand how well the learners have been able to apply their learning in the workplace.

Leaners are required to apply their learning in the workplace with the help of a qualified coach or a mentor. For example, if a learner is required to write a report on the implementation of the Employment Equity Act in their organisation, the human resource personnel responsible for employment equity will be appointed as the coach and mentor.

Tasks under the summative assessment may include research or practical activities such as indexing and classifying books in a library, if the learner wants to achieve competency as a librarian. The appointed coach or mentor is ideally required to review the summative evidence put together by the learner and give a formal approval before it is submitted for a final assessment.

Administrative Documents

In addition to providing evidence of competency, learners are also required to submit various admin forms and documents as required by the SETA. Every SETA has its own set of admin documents and SAIL’s friendly team will help you understand the process of putting together a PoE.

SAIL provides you with complete support, from registering you as a learner, to providing you with guidance on putting together an impressive PoE. Get in touch with our experts today for assistance and information.


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