Hybrid Learning Is The Way Forward

Hybrid Learning Is The Way Forward

In the year 2018, SAIL will repackage most of its accredited courses, to meet the demands of all its clients. Our courses will now be a combination of traditional classroom training and eLearning. This hybrid method is not only in line with SETA requirements but also brings life to courses through the use of simple engaging and interactive technology. Our clients and learners range from councilors at municipalities to millennials working in both public and private sectors. Our aim is to help our diverse base of learners get the best of both worlds by implementing their learning with confidence to improve their work opportunities and performance.

SAIL’s blended learning approach has three components to it.

  1. Traditional classroom training
  2. Simple and engaging eLearning
  3. Independent on the job learning

These three components ensure that SAQA requirements are met and learners earn NQF credits by dividing their time into tasks that are not monotonous.

How can you benefit from SAIL’s blended learning solutions?

  • eLearning and online learning technologies motivates learners and increases their interest in the subject matter
  • A mix of classroom training, eLearning and self-study increases focus on bridging learning and performance gaps
  • Learners are free to learn how they want and when they want
  • Learning autonomy makes learners accountable and responsible for their own learning
  • Learners acquire additional skills such as computer literacy, research skills, and decision making

Do your employees fit into the learning and development vision of tomorrow? SAIL can help you get there. To book a training intervention or to enroll on to our Learning Platform, get in touch with us.


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