What’s in it for you in 2018?

Come on 2018

SAIL is evolving and hopes to present new ideas and innovations to accommodate the way our clients and learners interact with our learning programmes and platforms. During the course of 2018, SAIL will integrate technological advancements into its programmes to ensure that you’re given the freedom and the choice to learn how you want or where you want.

SAIL’s range of innovative products for the year 2018 include a robust Learning Management System and engaging eLearning courses. Whether you need training on using an excel sheet or need to catch-up on the latest presentation techniques, we have a course that matches your competency and NQF level.

The training landscape, both in the public and private sectors, is undergoing dramatic changes, not only to accommodate a new generation of learners but also to keep motivation levels high amongst employees. According to research published by Oxford Economics, the quality of training, has a huge impact on staff motivation, performance and retention. Training that keeps the employees at its core, when delivered correctly, contributes to employees personal and professional development. This in turn assists in maintaining motivation to learn and retention of learning.

For more information on how we can help you bridge knowledge and performance gaps, while at the same time foster a learning culture in your organisation, get in touch with us. The team at SAIL is always ready to assist you with your learning and development requirements.


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