Quality Management Systems









This course will teach you the basic principles and applications of quality management and a performance excellence approach to business activities. By examining current methods for organisational performance management, you’ll learn the most sustainable ways to deliver increased value to both customers and stakeholders. The programme is suited to a broad audience that includes both business owners and managers looking to improve procedures, and design quality management projects with a company-wide focus. One will learn how well-planned performance systems make the most of both people and procedures to sustain excellence, manage the information that leads to good decision-making, and accomplish business goals.


  • Ability to develop, implement, and sustain a performance excellence culture and improve overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities
  • Apply the basic principles of QM and performance excellence, improve processes to satisfy customers and employees
  • Understand the various perspectives from which quality is viewed in order to fully appreciate its role in the many parts of a business organisation
  • Understand the foundations and principles of the quality management philosophies and frameworks with the most impact on quality management practices
  • Gain the skills to build, develop and sustain an effective quality management and performance excellence culture
  • Describe the various types of quality costs and approaches used for quality cost measurement

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