GETC: Adult Basic Education and Training (NQF Level 1)










Adult Basic Education is identified as a critical priority in South Africa and plays a vital role in equipping adult learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and values in order to be functional in society and as a person by contributing to the workforce, community and economy. This GETC: ABET qualification provides learners with foundational learning through the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed for social and economic development and the promotion of justice and equality. It also seeks to promote and instil learners with a culture of life-long learning needed for future learning. It also enables learners to acquire the necessary competencies in order to access further education and training, career development and employment opportunities. The Qualification aims to equip learners to:

  • Develop and apply relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes in the chosen Learning Areas.
  • Function better in and contribute to the world of work.
  • Be sensitive and reflective of issues relating to diversity, inclusivity, cultural values, human rights, gender, development and change.
  • Develop an appreciation for lifelong learning.
  • Function better as a citizen in South Africa and contribute to cultural, social, environmental and economic development.
  • Make informed judgments about critical ethical issues.
  • Develop study skills to be able to access further learning. 



  1. Use a range of communication, language and learning strategies in a variety of contexts.
  2. Explain and use mathematical strategies, techniques and patterns to solve problems.
  3. Explain, select and use numbers, data and objects in everyday life situations.
  4. Investigate the process of making informed choices in order to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive relationships.

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